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Handcrafted Kids Cedar Table With Detachable Legs


Table features
Detachable legs.
Easy to assemble and disassemble.
Space Saver Design
Ideal when space is a premium.
Table top 32 x 22
Table height is 23 inches


Table features
1 inch thick cedar boards
2 inch screws (Top and Seat is glued and screwed down)
Table top 32 x 22
Table height is 23 inches
Overall length from seat to seat is 36.5 inThe thicker cedar boards gives this table more rigidity, which makes the table sturdier. That equals increased safety.  The thicker boards make for a more rugged and solid table.  With the thicker boards and longer screws, you don’t have to concern yourself with the question of durability.  This table will last.  With the new design, the table top is now glued and screwed from the bottom which means that now there are only 4 screws that are visible. This gives the table top a smooth glasslike appearance and finish. I was happy with the previous design and customer were as well.  But I am always look for ways to improve upon all the items I build.  To add value and quality to my products.  With the changes that have been made, this table is now the table that I originally envisioned it to be.

Boards are hand selected to present the natural beauty of cedar.

Table is finished with protective finish for durability.

Cedar is naturally rot resistance.

This makes a great gift from Mom, Dad or Grandparents for that special little one.  Perfect for those indoor tea parties, daycares and preschool as well.
Note: If you prefer the screws to be visible that is not a problem.  (Top and Seat is glued and screwed down)
Table is still lightweight so it is easy to move around.
Assembly is quick and simple.  It is a 2 step process.  You attach the legs to the seat support, then attach the top.  It takes 20 minutes.
Assembly Instructions
Table Top
4 Legs
Tools needed:
Table is assembled using supplied Carriage bolts and Wing nuts.
Step 1 – Attach legs to seat support.
Lay seat on flat surface.  Floor or table.  Each leg has a number on it.  The numbers are on the top of the leg.  The second set of holes on the leg are to mount the legs.  Match the number on the leg to the number on the seat support.  Align the pre-drilled holes with the screws in the seat support.  Attach all 4 legs.
Step 2 – Attach Table Top
Lay table top on flat surface.  Matching the numbers on the top of the legs to the number on the side of the table top.  Align the legs up so that the outer edge of the leg is lined up with the corner of the seat support.  The screws are pre-drilled a little into each hole.  Use this also as a guide.  If legs are aligned properly to the screw hole, the leg should fit flush.


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