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Natural Pi Meditation Bench with Kona Stain Legs


Made of hand picked Select Premium Pine.  All boards are selected to ensure that wood grains and patterns match as closely as possible. 



Handcrafted Meditation Bench

A Pi style meditation bench features a leg or two legs toward the center of the bench instead of on the outside of the bench.

• These are perfect for people who are taller or feel confined by a regular style meditation bench

• Pi meditation bench promotes correct spinal alignment while eliminating stress on the knees.

Using a Pi meditation bench is very similar to a regular bench with a few adjustments.

The biggest difference is that your legs will rest on the outside of the bench.

This allows for more freedom of movement and makes it easier to get in and out of the kneeling position.

Product details

The top is 18 inch long, 8 inches wide and the bench is 7 1/4 high.


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