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Firefighter Axe and Ladder Gift


Very unique gift for a retiree.


I Works is proud to offer this unique and one of a kind Firefighter Retirement Gift.

This handcrafted piece of art comes as seen.

The custom plaque is engraved with department name, insignia and firefighters name.

The handcrafted ladder is 38 inches long and feature custom engraved start and retirement date. I can build the ladder to your specification. The end of the ladder is charred and sealed. Very unique feature. (The ladder is 38 inches long prior to being charred)

Come with 36 inch axe.

The axe head is painted and features department insignia. The handle is painted and features custom engraving.

This is a very unique gift for a retiree or for that special firefighter in your life.

Each piece can be purchased separately if you only want the Axe or the Ladder.


37 inches long
24 inches tall
Can be customized to you exact specifications.


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