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Firefighter Axe Plaque


Very unique gift for a retiring Firefighter


I Works is proud to offer another unique and one of a kind Firefighter Retirement Gift.

The custom dark walnut plaque is fully engraved. The department name, insignia and firefighters name are engraved.

The plaque is 38’inches long and 18 inches tall.

The plaque comes with a 36 inch axe.

The axe head can be painted with choice of color.

(Please note: if you would like the axe head chromed it is an additional cost of $135. It is done by a 3rd party)

The axe handle can be engraved.

This is a very unique gift for a retiree or for that special firefighter in your life.

(Please note that there may be additional cost due to customizations.)


38 inches long
18 inches tall

Can be customized to you exact specifications.

What color do you want the axe head?
What do you want the axe handle to say?
What dates do you want on the ladder?
Please forward a good digital copy of the company patch.
Please forward Chiefs name for the center plaque.
What other customization would you like?

Thank you
I Works



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